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“Aging is a fact of life. Looking your age is not.”

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Botox Treatment


Botox is not a product itself but a brand that is giving anti-aging and wrinkle injectable treatment. But it has other medical and cosmetic uses also which have been put to use successfully. It is internationally recognized for decreasing wrinkles.
Botox, which is obtained from one of the ruthless toxins known to man, has been shown to overwhelm the medical/cosmetic community. It is for its avowed applicability to almost all intents and expectations.
The way of doing Botox has changed for hi-tech medical professionals. Not only are they more resourceful with it (butt and neck), but they use fewer of it in a sitting. “Now the abundance of results is using smaller quantities in areas that need to be paralyzed, no change. Botox does not deaden the muscle but relaxes the muscle.

Botox ® Treatment Cost

The cost of the Botox ® procedure differs with the type of treatment. Original Botox ® will cost more expensive. The cost depends on the number of units required for your procedure. It is various for different skin types and the areas of the treatment. It is more expensive than those which are ready without any brand name or watermark. But the non-branded Botulinum Toxin is less effective. This is when compared with the original. 

The extra essential thing to remember while opting for an Anti-aging treatment is that it needs to be taken under the expert guidance and consultation of a qualified specialist. It is the least costly cosmetic treatment for a facelift, anti-aging, etc. But, it is a constant process whose cost can be calculated every year. So there is no fixed or settled price for a Botox ® Treatment Cost wherever.

Botox is a Brand Name

Botox is a brand name. Furthermore, people are suitable to refer to all anti-wrinkle injections as Botox” because it is also a trademarked brand name. The own drug clearance for nine medical requirements and some cosmetic ones.

Allergan is the organization that owns Botox. It has 800 more patents for the potential uses of the drug. Thirty years ago, since it was approved, Botox has indeed turned out to be indispensable for cosmetic enhancement. But today, over half of its flexibility is made from its healing uses for conditions. It is distinguished as facelift, breast-boost, chronic migraines, back pain, and acne to severe sweating and muscle spasm.

“Botox” is a BRAND of a Juvederm®. It is one of the various products containing “a purified form of botulinum toxin type A.” It is to heal wrinkles and other anti-aging problems. But that’s not the single brand in the world to heal wrinkles. Xeomin and Dysport are other branded Botulinum toxins injectable also that can be “just as effective.” They are also related to “Botox” in Singapore! The truth is when a patient demands Botox; doctors don’t always use the original “Botox.”

The cost between various brands can vary. The three most significant and most reliable brands are:

  • Botox
  • Dysport
  • Xeomin

These have excellent product safety reports and many clinical studies and tests. Compared to Korea and China’s products, the original Botox’s cost price is as much as FOUR TIMES or more! Make sure to constantly ask your provider about what Botox brand is using on you. We suggest going for Botox by Juvederm.

Q: Does Botox Prevent Wrinkles?

Yes, absolutely. Botox and competitors like Xeomin and Dysport are purged toxins that can remove or reduce the vertical frown lines, horizontal forehead lines, and crow’s feet.

The injections are known to slacken the muscles’ movement that contract many times a day, ultimately inscribing Skin lines. The injections also work well to lift the corners of the mouth that droop down with increasing age, soften vertical neck cords, soften the smoker’s lines around the mouth, and smooth out the “prick cushion” seem in some chins.

Remember that— Botox works on wrinkles caused by muscle movement, making the wrinkle-causing muscles stay still. Botox Doesn’t Work on Wrinkles Prompted by Sun Damage.  It says that it can’t treat wrinkles because they aren’t moving. Unfortunately, it is not victorious on wrinkles caused by sun damage. When the Skin is sun-damaged, it is controlling by the cover. Botox works on the tissues beneath the surface and therefore is not adequate. It is for reducing the look of wrinkles caused by damage to the sun.

Q: Will Botox Make Me Look Frozen and Feel Numb?

No, you won’t look frozen. Botox injection will not work upon the nervures that trigger sensation or make you feel numb when done. When used incorrect amount, it does not give an overloaded look or make you feel frozen. When it is injected ideally, it can lift the brow to give a beautiful and appealing look. But if an unnecessary amount is injected into the risk zone, i.e., —the horizontal lines in the forehead—you can look terrified. That’s why it’s a continuity to be treated by a well-experienced Botox provider. He / She can estimate how much Botox you will need and the size of your muscles.

Q: May Botox become more than a Few Wrinkles?

True, Botox is not only for wrinkles. About 2.6 decades ago, medical researchers first introduced that botulinum toxin could be used to erase the appearance of

  • Etched lines
  • Fine lines
  • Wrinkles

But it achieved approval in 2000 by the FDA for use in treating neck and shoulder spasms. Then, in 2002, it got legal support from the FDA for clinical use. And it took much of the western society by enthusiasm.

After only 12 months of staying available for cosmetic use, Botox had produced sales of a big more than $450 million in the US only. Since then, Botox has been established for more and more treatments, which has only caused a rise in sales.

Other Use of Botox

Let’s take a look into many other powerful uses of Botox besides smoothing and preventing lines and wrinkles. These are:

Abnormal heartbeat (not FDA approved)

After the open-heart operation, Allergan is studying Botox as a therapy. This is to stop atypical heartbeat patterns. After having medication on the market for around three decades and having sound experience of the safety profile, the company used the step into the significant unmet need for Botox about its potential use to manage unusual heartbeat.

Achieve a temporary facelift (not FDA approved)

Though not approved, clients are achieving results getting Botox injected to

  • Lift nose tip
  • Relax wrinkles surrounding eyes (more on that in a second)
  • Shape jaw

Botox is an Authorized Therapy for Overactive Bladder (FDA approved)

In 2013, US FDA published Botox to be an authorized treatment for use in adults experiencing overactive bladder (a disease that affects approximately 30 million women and men in India). Or those who have had abandoned to respond to other alternative procedures or medicines intended to use it.

As per the formal decision made, it was published that the clinical trials have manifested the ability of Botox. This is to reduce the recurrence of urinary incontinence. Today’s support offers a remarkable additional treatment option for patients with overactive bladders.

Botox can Fix Smiles (not FDA approved)

Since Botox is not FDA approved, most doctors tell people not to use Botox to improve their “sticky smiles.” But it doesn’t stop and prevent some Botox users; of course, the understanding being marked results. There are problems resolved with patients feeling their smile also has much gum over their teeth that have got Botox injection aid to ensure their lip doesn’t rise too high while smiling. Especially considering there isn’t FDA approved for this kind of Botox use, as this technique is not for the novice Botox injector. Too much, and your lip won’t heave up, too more minor, and you will more, or if injected, you might get a slapstick odd smile.”

Botox is Fruitful for Reducing Sweating

Across the world, millions of people have hyperhidrosis. It is a medical problem of unnecessary sweating. To help lessen this problem, a person’s overactive sweat glands (like the armpits, hands, feet & scalp) can be injected with Botox. It is reported at a specific Botox site that one treatment can provide approximately seven months of relief from hyperhidrosis. While Botox usually gets the reputation for only being used for cosmetic improvements, it has some life-changing health benefits, too.

Blooming the cleavage (not FDA approved)

Some women produce lines between the breasts, known as décolleté. This is due to some factors (like age, sleeping/sitting posture, sun exposure). Botox can be utilized in the pectoral muscles to reduce the etched lines out.

Calms critically cold hands (not FDA approved)

The first & only option available was the surgery for babies born with a cleft palate and a cleft lip. Now doctors are managing a new and innovative offering. Botox is to be injected into the infants’ scars to clasp the muscles stationary and arrange for them to heal. This can, to a large extent, improve the presence of the scars.

Cleft lip marks and scars in babies (not FDA approved)

The first & only option available was the surgery for babies born with a cleft palate and a cleft lip. Now doctors are managing a new and innovative offering. Botox is to be injected into the infants’ scars to clasp the muscles stationary and arrange for them to heal. This can, to a large extent, improve the presence of the scars.

Luminary Public Figures (Celebrities) Use Botox in Some Incredible Ways

Often, celebrities are forwarding to Botox to treat and avert concerns that a common person would have never even imagined of or think such a thing is occurring.

Celebrities are taking Botox in their bust lines to give them a short “boost.” They are taking injections in their feet to prevent the pain of high heels.

Botox is done to make almost any physiological or anatomical improvement the person asks for in one shot without anyone being able

One of the First Utilizes for Botox was Correcting Crossed Eyes (FDA approved)

Crossed eyes are also termed Strabismus. It can be a challenging situation to correct. But Botox is one of some very productive processes of re-orienting one’s imagination.

A doctor in the 1950s was concerned about the approval for examining the muscle-relaxing effects on monkeys. This study headed in 1978 for it to being accepted. This is for use in improving crossed eyes on individual volunteers.

In 1989, the first FDA-approved product of Botox for the treatment of eye Strabismus and spasms was being launched in the market.

Painful sex (not FDA approved)

Some females come over with depreciation of the vagina or muscle contractions on their pelvic floor, making sex painful. Botox can be vaccinated to calm the pain by stopping muscles from contracting. Injections can be used every six months, while others may only need them in some years.

Premature ejaculation (not FDA approved)

Botox dose into the penis might rest the muscle and delay ejaculation. Botox by Allergan is presently under examination for this problem. This company also owns the license for use in treating erectile dysfunction. This is being examined in a third-party trial.

Severe neck spasms (FDA approved)

Actually, sometime before Botox got permission in 2002 for frown lines between the eyebrows, Allergan was already an authorized medicine. This comes in 2000 for its use in the treatment of a disorder known as cervical dystonia. It is designed for severe neck pain and abnormal head position.

There is something named Jaw thing (FDA approved)

Botox is a thing way beyond decreasing wrinkles. Like Jaw, Botox is something becoming popular these days. Normally, we all have different face shapes that are attractive in their way. But we have a heart shape appearance of a younger face.
As we age, the face gets a few more squared and heavy at the bottom. But planting botulinum toxin into both sides, you are not decreasing the muscle movement; you are thinning out the muscle. This can help restore a youthful look. It’s not as action-packed and as expeditious as other areas, but it can be a suitable way of enhancing the contour of the face.”

Everyone is giving Botox. How Can I Determine a Good Provider to Inject It?

How to find a dermatologist?

Botox is well known and safe. However, choosing the right service provider to conduct your treatment is important. It is critical to reaching the best possible results, especially if you need Botox for medical objectives.

Botox needs to be shot with great care and correctness. This is to target the exact muscles while still produce a natural look n lift. So, possible candidates must seek out a board-certified, well-trained, and authorized dermatologist/cosmetic surgeon/plastic surgeon/physician /skin specialist with broad experience offering Botox treatments.

Those wanting to get taken Botox can follow these several things to search for the best possible Botox provider around:

  • Before & After or pre-post Images– Do not shy away to ask for the excellent work your prospective Doctor has done or is being done; this is one of the effective ways to evaluate the quality of work performed and the number of clients coming to get treatment from him/her.
  • Experience and Knowledge – Check for the occasion and approved certification of the aesthetic healthcare providers in Reconstructive Surgery. Do not think a moment before asking for the licensing as it is the consumer right of your own safety. If the Doctor takes offense for the same, then understand, then it would not be legit dealing. This will further support checking the expertise and skills of the Doctor.
  • Professional Trainers and Clinical Staff- Get a look at the clinical staff as well as senior surgeons or dermatologists at the center about how they use the excellent anti-aging product and what quality and safety measures they follow.
  • Testimonials- Only schedule your Botox injection after confirming the Doctor’s testimonials or commendations displayed by him/her. One method to do so is by visiting the specialist’s official website. It shows the testimonials of people linked with them for the procedure. Keep in mind that not all credentials or testimonials are trustworthy. And hence, you need to figure out based on framing and language put-up if it holds consideration. The second is to ask the Doctor himself/herself to share the contact details of their clients who have has availed Botox to take advice and skills from them.
  • Brand/Product– This should probably be the most important issue to keep progressing. Your consultation is incomplete and unprofitable if you do not know what Botox does the injector provides or whether it is a natural Botox or a knock-off from Korea and China that are also highly cost compromised.
  • Price– If you are thinking of Botox treatments in India or anywhere, you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal. That doesn’t intend the lowest price, but a reasonable cost with expert outcomes. While some physicians charge only for the Botox they use, some focus on per-unit pricing or the number of units used. That being declared, it does not make a variation in the universe, so if there is a minimal difference in pricing in terms of location, make a wise call. If a level training professional is not performing the treatment, it does not mean how low the cost is; the risk and uncertainty are just not worth it.
  • Ask friends– If you have relatives, friends, peers, the ones who allow using it, try talking with them. For the most effective Botox treatment, seek a specialist in academic settings or those who have written about it.

Be it any treatment (surgical, non-surgical), and until the orthodox practices are being followed, the results are destined to doom and old-fashioned, just like the treatment method. It is not only upon the product to deliver the desired effect but on the provider’s skills and spruce that enrich the likely outcome exceeding one’s expectations and imagination. It is suggestive only to get done Botox by what is called the “core four”:

A board-certified specialist or Doctor who is a dermatologist/skin specialist.

A cosmetic surgeon/plastic surgeon.

  • An ophthalmologist.
  • An ear-nose-and-throat doctor.

Frequently Asked Question About Botox

Q: What will I do if I get Botched Botox Work?

How to get relieved of Botox if unlikable or for any other reason? There is only one prominent reason for having Botched Botox— that people are getting it done by un-trained, un-experienced, frequently unlicensed injectors who don’t know the size of the muscle, shape of the face, and how to inject the toxin correctly. Such unprofessional treatment by practitioners not only leads to non-functionality, scarring, notable bruising but weird face and aesthetic difficulties.

Taking Botox from anywhere doesn’t make you examine how old the product is, what you’re getting, with what it’s amalgamated, and whether the Doctor knows what he or she is doing. The other reason for getting a foozle Botox may be the immunity response of the person.

Unfortunately, there is no method to get rid of Botox. Correcting a frozen face or a weird eyebrow or any other Botox misconception is —just a tincture of time. You just have to let it grow weak. In some soft to moderate botched Botox causes, the impact can be reduced with other treatments. 

Always remember that the position of the Botox is much more important than the cost of the units. However, the outcome of Botox, of course, will consume off over time, usually wholly disappeared after six months. Getting the victim to a fumbled Botox would be more unwanted than even the fine lines or wrinkles on the face.

A person might get Spock Eyebrow, Frozen Face, Heavy Forehead, and facial Looks or droopy Eyelid. Other Botox Mistakes that can be bothering include Lop-Sided Smile, Lop-Sided Facial Features, and Facial Droop on One Side or Lower Eyelid Area Looking pretentious After Botox. So choose your injector carefully, or you will have to wait till the toxin dies out itself.

Q: Can Botox Travel once it is injected?

There are telltales, horror stories about Botox moving in the body and how it can make unwanted muscle contractions, eyelid sagging (Ptosis), anesthesia, other autoimmune diseases, etc. So, is there any advantage to those cares? No, Botox does not “move,” not too far away places, but it can separate around the area of vaccination (2-4 cms at most utmost). If I inject it in your cheeks or forehead, it’s not performing to give up or work in your knees. But even if hypothetically segments were to enter into the bloodstream and move to different areas in the body, the doses (typically less than 100 units) used are considerably lower than the lethal dose that would be dangerous (3,000-3500 units).

Botox cannot induce anesthesia as it only works on nerve-to-muscle communication and does not function on pain receptors. Botox has observed cases to cause droopy eyelids (Ptosis), but an inexperienced injector often causes this. That is why it is necessary to go to a ‘core four’ that usually injects Botox.

As far as spasms are involved, you can once in a while have a case who’s having twitching of tissue as it begins to function repeatedly after the Botox fade away. This is so superficial and endures a brief period, or it will vanish entirely once the tissue is injected again.

An expert injector will be able to personalize procedures for your facial appearance so it doesn’t appear. But, distribution of Botox can rarely occur. Once added, Botox can migrate, especially if injected at higher doses, than happens for inaccurate injection. The good report is that it moves away.

Q: Will, my close ones, get to know I did Botox?

YES and NO. The best result will give you looking naturally more relaxed, comfortable, and maybe younger. Evidential signs of Botox that have been crudely done are a shiny and smooth forehead (like a skater rink) or a forehead and crow’s feet that are just steady when you are expressive (cry or laugh), which is naturally inconsistent. So if it is done perfectly, no one, not even the family, would understand you are injected.

Always ask how many units you're taking.

Usually, on a study of the facial muscles, a skilled injector will dose out the units before the Botox treatment. This way, the necessary doses can be charged for subsequent visits: if a patient feels that particular areas were under-treated, the number of units can be increased, or if they were delighted with those dosages, then the same can be stored. You can always demand a copy of this drawing. This is a piece of valuable information to have, particularly if you choose to use another doctor. You might kindly ask your Doctor for the dilution and then the amount in cc’s vaccinated. You can determine the amount you got. If the injector diluted one cc of saline and cc was injected, you had 25 units. You can use the drawing and carry out the accurate amounts you received.

Amount of Botulinum Toxin Use

The amount of Botox usage in people varies based on certain factors such as:

  • Age
  • Condition that it is used for
  • Diet
  • Facial structure, firmer facial muscles, and expressions
  • Individual’s set Expectation
  • Repeated use of Botox or not
  • Skin condition
  • Sun damage to the Skin
  • Smoke

Q: Does Botox Injections Hurt?

Yes and No. It completely depends on the mental strength and determination of the receiver. For many, it’s not painful at all; for some clients, it’s hurting. Mainly if it’s your first time, you might get pain with Botox injection. These injectables are usually not excessively hurting as a small needle is used for administration into Skin rather than very deep injections.
An immediate solution to heal the pain is to rub the ice at the site after injection. So far, Botox is an assuring anti-wrinkle treatment better than cosmetic surgeries that are not just painful but disturbing.

Q: Does Botox Have Side Effects?

Botox (botulinum toxin) is a kind of injectable neuro-toxin worked in treating symptoms of anti-aging, axillary hyperhidrosis, Blepharospasm, chronic migraines, cervical dystonia, limb spasticity, and Strabismus. Although there are no harsh side effects of Botox, a company-like allergen warns users of these potential side effects, which may influence areas of the body away from the injection site and cause botulism symptoms. Side effects of Botox are rare if they occur temporary and mild, including:

Medical Side Effects of Botox:

  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Itching
  • Loss of appetite
  • Muscle weakness
  • Muscle stiffness
  • Neck or back pain
  • Nausea
  • Shortness of breath
  • Stomach pain

Injection site reactions of Botox:

  • Allergic reactions or infection
  • Anxiety
  • Bruising or swelling
  • Burning/painful urination and difficulty urinating
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness or drowsiness,
  • Exhaustion
  • Fever and flu symptoms (like cold, cough, runny nose, sore throat)
  • Increased sweating in areas except for the underarms
  • Rash, redness, pain, bleeding
  • Ringing in your ears
  • Respiratory infections
  • Urinary tract infections

Side Effects of Botox when used for the treatment of Blepharospasm.

  • Drooping of the eyelid (ptosis)
  • Double vision
  • Eye irritation
  • Eye tearing
  • Eye dryness and itchy eyes
  • Eyelid swelling or bruising
  • Inflammation of the cornea (keratitis)
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Reduced blinking

Remember that Botox, with well-verified brands, is safe. But, botulinum toxin administration with other agents (like aminoglycosides, curare) that targets neuromuscular function may elevate the effect of botulinum toxin, thus causing some complications.

Q: Can Botox Cause Botulinum Poisoning?

Botulism poisoning, which can be a result of food preservation and packaging difficulties, is a dangerous condition when it comes to Botox treatments, although there’s just absolutely nothing to bother about.

People several often contact botulism by being revealed to high doses of the bacteria through water, food, or soil. The great news is that there have been no reported incidences of patients contracting botulism from Botox injections utilized in professional medical situations.

Contracting botulism from Botox is something still of. Besides the only reported case available, a decade ago, five patients seeing an unlicensed injector and doing a fake Botox product did contract botulism.

Q: Is Botox Forever?

No Botox is for a specified time; neither the body always gets adapted to it. But once it is inside, it’s in— for up to 6-7 months, until it fades off, and injection is needed again. The mechanism of Botox staying in the region is such that— once the protein stops serving neuromuscular joint, it is shattered into non-poisonous components (amino acids) and either reprocessed for utilization in other proteins or discharged by the kidneys. The larger the muscle, the faster the change returns, whereas the smaller the muscle, the long-lasting the Botox effects.

Q: What's the Perfect Age to Start Using Botox?

There is no mystic age to have the Botox injection; you need not just get it until you have wrinkles and lines to hide. Besides that, someone can have Botox carefully whenever they are concerned about their wrinkles.
Also, there is no problem with long-term use or repeated use over the years without harmful impacts. But to get the toxin vaccinated, you can’t go being a lesser, and you won’t have wrinkles or other associated cosmetic problems at such an age.

Q: What can I expect the day after my Botox Appointment?

Botox provided from Botulinum toxin has proven to be a precious and adequate therapeutic protein when an array of treated clinical conditions, frequency of treatment, and dosage are considered. Actually: when it’s done right, it’s a wonder, and When it’s not done right—it can cause “botulism-like symptoms,” Which is “very doubtful,” but a more than a doubt scattering reason to not go on a deal spree for Botox. It’s made injectable by reducing the powder Botulinum with saline. By using saline, it is “sprayed down” for quickly taking out any toxic competencies.

So you’re able to get the chemical kicking into effect, frustrating nerve transmission in adjoining muscles, optimally fixing the area. After the injection goes from the dermis and into the targeted muscle, the nerves there are contracted—instead of their conjugation, are prevented—by the Botox.

Botox also capably stops the firing in the brain and prevents the muscle from moving. The Botox injected muscle can no higher contract, which makes the wrinkles calm, smoothen, and helps closed new ones from growing. The effect endures being restricted, though. You may also observe it when you touch your face the next day of botox, though. But that’s clearly because there are two different kinds of nerves in the body; one creates motion and gives you feel. Botox only restrains the confluence of the previous type.

Q: Can You Grow Up Immunity to Botox?

Let’s unfurl the Truth about Botox Immunity. While a massive preponderance of Botox receivers will never confront diminished optimality from their injections, but as stated, a small percentage of patients may experience this problem. Though very uncommon, it is likely in some patients for their immune systems to build preventing antibodies infrequently that can typically deactivate the natural activity triggered by Botox. Interested to know why does this happen? There are three main factors involved in the production of Botox immunity, i.e.:

  • Dosage: when Botox is injected in higher dosages, it can raise the likeliness of restraining antibodies being made. By doing the minimum requisite dosage, agreeable results can be achieved without maximizing the risk of immunity.
  • Technique: It actually needs an ideal experience for the administering of Botox injections. Calibrating the ideal injection position will optimize results while decreasing the amount of the required dosage.
  • Frequency: Botox injections actually require to be renewed every 5-6 months to provide pleasing results; but, frequent doses might also increase the chance of the body developing immunity. Having patience for the maximum amount of time between treatments can help avert the issue.

However, the numbers of Botox resistance cases are meager — about 1% to 2% of cases. Notwithstanding efforts to avoid it, this small percentage of patients may still produce immunity to Botox, sometimes other than common factors like age, exhausted immunity system, etc.

Q: Does Botox Train your Muscles?

With determined and frequent Botox treatments, you could realize an improvement in the longevity of effects. That’s because the regular application can cause a constant relaxation of the muscles. The lesser they are determined, the lesser they serve to form wrinkles. The sequence of action for Botox will get built over the years after continuous treatment. The reason behind this is that the muscles may reduce in caliber after a long measure of inactivity.

Expert tips from long-time Botox Fans

Expert Tips

Botox doing a source of neurotoxin may seem scary. But, it is absolutely safe and successful —as long as it’s made and injected by an authorized professional.

Pick your Botox provider very carefully and make sure they use an top-quality product. “Pure Botox is way better than day-old or week-old Botox.” Make sure to get the newest injection for excellent results.

Visit our clinic for a Botox treatment, which is the most excellent anti-aging treatment for a non-surgical facelift. No other method can equal it in terms of the durability of results and changes. Our range of anti-aging & rejuvenation treatments also involves Mesotherapy, Microdermabrasion, PRP, correcting peels, and many more.

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