Carbon Laser Peel

The Carbon Peel Facial, also applied to as the ‘China Doll Peel Facial,’ is an innovative laser resurfacing procedure that uses focused light beams to treat skin flaws.
The Carbon Peel Facial works to repair skin balance. It gives an even skin glow with flawless texture and tone.
The big point of the procedure is that as the treated skin reforms, the look of rough skin, age or dark spots, and pigment are visibly diminished and more consistent in texture.

Effect of Carbon Peel / Carbon Facial

It removes pigmentation of the skin, which occurs for various reasons including, acne, inflammation, sun damage, hormonal changes, and reaction to some medications.
It also improves the skin tone, simultaneously that helps in the treatment of clogged skin.

The procedure of Carbon Peel Facial Treatment

  1. Works by using a thin layer of carbon to the skin surface. Once the charcoal product is equally distributed, a focused light beam is administered for a precisely targeted area.
  2. The carbon particles actively consume the light before a vacuum suction smoothly removes them, and stained cells placed in the upper layers of the skin.
  3. The new generation of thermal energy excites the mixture of new collagen and promotes a healthy-looking tone. Skin structure is visibly improved, and also opened pores are cleared and purified.

Carbon Peel Facial is a rising cosmetic procedure widely accepted for its non-invasive properties and declared results. It is also called Charcoal Peel or Charcoal facial.

Benefits of the Carbon peel treatment

  1. Cleansing of the face: Carbon consumes excess oil and contaminants from deep pores destroyed once the laser is passed over the treated area. Laser is effective as it eliminates the contaminated carbon particles.
  2. End of acne and extraction of excess oil: The thermic energy of the carbon peel kills the acne-causing bacteria and helps in shrinking the sebaceous glands which produce excess oils.
  3. Shedding of the dead skin cells: As discussed before, the carbon gets destroyed by the laser, the dead skin cells, the blackheads are eliminated with the carbon particles giving smooth and radiant skin.
  4. Rejuvenation of the skin: Carbon peels stimulate collagen production in the skin, which helps get plumper, firmer, and wrinkle-free skin with a glow on the skin.

There are some more benefits of the Carbon Peel Facial.
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What a Carbon Peel Facial is Proficient in?

Take a look at what Carbon Peel Facial is proficient in doing:

  • Brightening & Smoothening & of Skin: The carbon facial peel occurs in advanced preparations for distinctively specific goals. The method is meant to shed the skin, apparently reducing the pore size, smoothening /evening out the skin, improving the complexion, and making the skin softer and look more radiant.
  • Profound Shedding of the Skin: The facial is specifically advantageous for people with oily skin, reducing acne-causing bacteria and contracts oil or sebaceous glands.
  • Lightening Dark spots and Age spots: There is so much that carbon peel rejuvenation can do to improve your facial skin.

The approach is said to offer benefits that are somewhat distinguishing from the other alternative procedure.

The Laser carbon peel procedure is suitable for all ages and can remove acne, blackheads, and whiteheads, and fade freckles, lighten age spots and dark spots, minimize wrinkles, shrink pores, soften fine lines.

  • Tighten and Lift the skin: One of the most frustrating problems with age or an imbalanced lifestyle is sagging skin. It’s petrifying to imagine oneself in loose skin that’s slack and dull to annoyance.

The advanced carbon peel rejuvenation is a suitable treatment for those attending to improve the skin’s flexibility, lift and tighten the skin.

The procedure is helpful to moisturize the skin and give it a stout appearance with a glowing and bright skin tone.

As the laser penetrates through the thick layers of the skin, it is thought to help collagen production, meaning firmer, lighter, brighter, and more youthful-looking skin.

Side Effects of Carbon Laser peel

Side effects connected with the carbon peel facial procedure are very minimal, being it a kindly invasive procedure.
Usually, it can cause slight redness and tingling sensation at the treatment place for a few hours post-treatment.
However, the complications will die down on their own. Temporary hair removal to the administered area can occur due to laser pointers, and some people may feel a mild outbreak the week following the treatment.

Does carbon laser peel Pain?

There is no pain or discomfort with the Carbon Peel Facial treatment.
We may experience slight tingling and warmth on the skin during the procedure, which is expected while the laser operates on the thin layer of the carbon peel.

Do’s and Don’t

  1. Pre-Treatment
    • Use an SPF30+ sunscreen every day.
    • avoid any other form of tanning or sun exposure or before a Carbon Peel Facial treatment
  1.  Post Treatment
    • Avoid excessive sweating or heat or for 48 hours.
    • Must not use any active skincare products for 24-48 hours post-treatment
    • Use SPF30+ every day between treatments.

Celebrities, especially Hollywood actors, are perceived to swear by laser carbon facial, and they are declared to be fans of the procedure.

Now there must be an interest crawling around as to which celebrities use carbon peel facial?

A-listers Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are reported to have got done the carbon peel. Kim Kardashian is also stated to be a fan of the vampire facial and is usually in the limelight to get cosmetic procedures like injectable and even carbon laser facial.

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