Cheek Augmentation

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Having high and prominent cheekbones can add to the beauty of a woman’s face. When the cheeks are smooth, the mid-section seems plump even if you are an average-weight person. High and prominent cheekbones can be achieved with cheek augment.

Cheek augmentation is a cosmetic surgical method in which a person’s cheek is made prominent using surgical techniques. To achieve cheek augmentation, slid implants can be used over cheekbones. Injections with the patient’s fat or a soft tissue filler, like Restylane, are also popular.

Cheek Augmentation with Fillers or Injections

Injections of the patient’s fat or soft tissue fillers like hyaluronic acid, Restylane, or Juvederm suggest a few invasive and less costly ways to cheek augmentation. This is a non-surgical procedure that can be performed in the AWISH clinic office. The fillers fill up space under the skin and immediately eliminate wrinkles that can last several months to a year. This procedure can easily be repeated, and fine adjustments can be made with every new process. Autologous fat is considered the best choice but finally gets v v absorbed fully.

When Would Someone Consider A Cheek Implant?

  • Cheeks are asymmetrical.
  • Distorted cheeks either one or both due to a health situation or natural disability.
  • Loss of facial volume and sagging due to the natural aging method.
  • Due to weight loss face is concerned
  • Events are occurring in bone structure variations.
  • Racial or appearance that is often considered to be less beautiful than having high cheekbones
  • Gravity – which makes people droop down, making the cheeks seem flat

The Cheek Implant

The cheek implants come in several shapes used for many objectivesWhether we are just trying to add length to improving the hollowness, under the cheekbone level, or using a combined implant to do a little, both will decide the implant being used. Malarsubmalar, or connected are the three shapes of implants possible. Malar implants are put instantly on the cheekbones. This succeeds in making the cheekbone more extended, giving a “higher” contour to the face’s side.

In opposition to the malar implants, submalar implants are not put on the cheekbones. Their use intends to augment the midface, especially if they have a worn or “sunken” appearance to this area. A combination of implants or malar/submalar combination is done to assist both goals by raising the midface and cheekbones. The most usually used implants today are made out of silicone. They have been about for thirty years, and they are designed as permanent implants. They have excellent acceptance and do not get rejected by the body. Still, attention needs to be taken to avoid infection.

The Cheek Implants Procedure or cheek augmentation surgery

It is generally performed under usual or local anesthesia. The system takes about one hour if taken as a stand-alone procedure. You will observe very sleepy and comfortable due to the use of night sedation. If applying local anesthesia, it is injected to anesthetize the area that will work.

Cheek implants

With the help of a tiny incision made on the inside of the lip, a pretty high-up cheek implant is inserted. To place the implant directly on the bone, the cheeks’ muscles and soft tissue are elevated, and the implant is placed. Dissolving stitching’s can be used inside the mouth. They are much longer so that a patient’s tongue cannot even feel the stitches.

Cheek lift Surgery


It is generally operated under general or local anesthesia. The procedure takes about one hour if done as a stand-alone method. You will feel very sleepy and comfortable due to the use of night sedation. If applying local anesthesia, it is injected to anesthetize the area that will be served on.

Cheek lift

Cheek lift surgery includes lifting the grease pad in the cheek called malar fat pad is lifted high, appearing in plenty of eyes and cheeks. The effects of cheek lift surgery are more durable compared to the injections. The healing and recovery are also fast, and the results change the look drastically, making you look more blooming.

Post Operation Advice

he first one-two hours after surgery is spent in the recovery room.

Directions are given on how to care for the incision sections, which exist in the mouth. The stitches used are generally dissolvable.

Pain medication is prescribed, although this usually is unnecessary following the first day. Resting with your head elevated is recommended to overcome any pain or swelling. There may be slight bruising and inflammation, which lasts for approximately one week. This can easily be covered with makeup. Most utmost patients return to work and social movements next 1-2 days. Massive physical exercises are avoided for three weeks following the procedure.

The result with the implants is quick. But, it needs some time for the inflammation to sink completely.

Side Effects of Cheek Implant

These are short side effects like inflammation, abrasions, and distress, which will go within ten days.

Cheek Augmentation Price

The price for a cheek augmentation procedure depends upon your treatment. Please visit one of our clinics located in Delhi. Our experts will discuss the proper process and let you know about your treatment’s exact cost on your visit.


Is there discomfort?

The pain is very mild. On the first night, you may require some pain-killing medicines that we will give you. After the first day, the pain is about sunk. Painkiller can easily manage any lingering pain by anesthetics.

What is the downtime associated with cheek augmentation?

The patient can resume regular activities in a week or two weeks. Refrain from primary social gatherings for up to four weeks.

When will I be able to see the results?

The results are quick, although you may think that the implants are too long at first due to the inflammation. It may take several months for more refined results to emerge.

How long is the Cheek Augmentation procedure?

Cheek augmentation is an almost quick surgical procedure. The length of operation may range from 1 hour or longer, if combined with other cosmetic surgery.

Can I combine cosmetic Cheek Augmentation with other facial surgery?

Yes, it’s usually referred to as compound methods. The tissue modified from one area can be used for another surgical site, such as fat extraction and face lifting. The recovery method following operation would only be once, and you decrease downtime by dodging two different ways. Commonly combined methods with cheek augmentation surgery include eyelid surgery, facelift, fat transfer.


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