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Continued use of heavy earrings can make your ear holes larger and elongated. Sometimes you can cover them with your hair, but it’s impossible for short hair men and women. Taking cosmetic earlobe repair can fix this problem for you. It might be just a desire to close old holes that might be torn or misplaced when piercing and get a new hole punched for some people. Some people might want to modify the shape of their earlobes.

Instructions For Earlobe Repair

  • Split earlobe
  • Stretched or elongated earlobes, stretched earlobes from heavy earrings.
  • Stretched earlobe due to tribular ear-piercing leading to flesh hole
  • Candidates who want to change the shape of their earlobes
  • Torn or split earlobes due to injury or accidents.

Earlobe Repair Procedure

The procedure will be executed under local anesthesia and completed in one hour.

The earlobe will be numb using local anesthetic through injection.

For an ear lobe that split, the procedure consists of “cleansing” the sides. To complete this short amount of skin is shed. It will suture the split to create average looking earlobe.

The different technique used for earlobe split adjustment is with the revolution hanging. It is a type of skin repair in which a semicircular skin flap will rotate to cover the split. This technique’s advantage is that patients can safely and conveniently wear earrings two weeks post-procedure instead of waiting up to 6 months with the usual procedure. The length of this procedure needs between 30 -40 minutes per earlobe.

The area is the suture to look normal to change the earlobe’s shape by removing rejected tissues.

After your surgery and beyond

After your earlobe repair operation, there will be small scars on the ears, which will initially stay red. Still, they will finally fade to a pale bright color. After 4-6 months, the healing is complete. Your earlobe should look almost perfectly natural with no apparent signs of the previous piercing. Ears can be re-pierced six months after the procedure has taken place.

Earlobe repair aftercare

After performing the procedure under local anesthesia, patients can go home instantly after the process. Place a minimal dressing on the earlobe, which will remove the next day. An antibiotic lotion needs to be applied topically over the stitches. Stitches will need to be removed ten days after the repair procedure. Healing usually requires 4 to 6 weeks. Earlobes can be re-pierced next 2 to 4 weeks by an ear-piercing gun.

Torn Earlobe Repair Surgery Side Effects

As it is a minimally invasive procedure, risks are slight. Still, they may include swelling, bruising, and discomfort, which last for 2 to 3 days.

Earlobe repair cost

The charge of earlobe repair surgery depends upon the amount of damage to the earlobe. Hence it will fluctuate from patient to patient. Please visit our clinic in New Delhi. Your consultation with one of our expert plastic surgeons will discuss the exact treatment suitable for you. They will give you the actual cost of the surgery that you want.

Ear Lobe Repair FAQ

Q: What is Earlobe Repair or reconstructive?

Earlobe reconstruction is a surgery that corrects elongated or torn earlobes, usually caused by heavy earrings.

Q: How is an earlobe repair perform?

A short amount of local anesthetic will inject into the lobe. To excise the skin around the discrepancy carefully by using high-precision instruments. Set some tiny stitches to bring skin sides commonly, and those visit in around a week.

Q: Can I have my ear pierced again after this procedure?

Yes, in most of the situations. It will prepare about 2 to 4 weeks after the removing stitches.

Q: How long does the procedure take?

It is a daycare procedure, and the whole process is completed within 45 min -1 hour.
You can resume your regular activity shortly after the procedure.

Q: What Causes Torn Earlobes?

Earlobes can get torn earlobes due to continuous wearing of heavy earrings or can be a result of unfortunate accidents or robberies. More often, earlobes get torn due to having little kids pulling the earring while playing with adults with big earrings. Those ladies who wear long and heavy earrings for a longer duration can have split earlobes. These may need years to improve. Bulky or heavy items will slowly elongate the hole and ultimately will pull into the lobe.

Q: What Should I Anticipate After the Procedure?

Patients usually allow this method without considerable painAfter the procedure, most patients do not want any painkiller medicine. A few painkillers doses may be beneficial for those who feel a slight ache at the repair site. The discomfort usually disappears within twenty-four hours. Set a light layer of antibiotic cream over the repair area. You may wash your hair normally.

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