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Eyebrow enhances the face’s look and provides certain additional medical benefits like preventing sweat from flowing into the critical eye region, protecting eyes against the harsh sun, etc. With the growing cosmetic services in every town, customizing the eyebrow to match the face type is really up on hike these days. Sometimes, after years of plucking of hair or due to some weakness or other infection, the growth of hair in these areas falls ultimately, giving an exact look on the face. Eyebrow transplantation is a method produced for such cases with a shortage of eyebrow hair or those in need of whole eyebrow customizations and to help them fulfill their desires.


AWISH clinic offers world-class treatments for eyebrow hair loss to help people restore their hair quickly. We have years of experience in producing exclusive eyebrow transplantation services to patients in and nearby Delhi. Our hair transplant specialists are skilled and have experience performing more than 1000 hair transplant surgeries to date.

Eyebrow Transplantation Procedure

The procedure has been designed to restore the missing, under-growing, or thin eyebrow hair on genetics, excessive plucking, disease, thyroid, injuries, or any other reason. It includes taking the hair from the donor’s scalp area and then transplanting it to the eyebrow region’s required areas. This hair then continues to grow for a lifetime and needs to be trimmed periodically once a month. For a more genuine and real feel, the hair is transplanted, one to two at a time, just like natural eyebrow hair grows. The delicate procedure requires accurate hair placement into small incisions to mimic the natural growth and minimize scarring or any other damage to the existing hair. The prices involve placement of about 50 to 325 hair in each eyebrow depending upon the amount of hair existing and the density of hair needed with the desired size. The entire process is entirely painless, and recovery time is relatively low. The patient can get back to his routine life within one week of the treatment.

As per the reports, you can guess the new procedure’s popularity because every eyebrow transplant surgeon in the United States performs at least 3 to 4 painless surgeries weekly on the client’s demands. The new artificial eyebrow is in no duration less than the natural one. It is almost next to difficult to know the difference between the two.

AWISH Clinic knows, how critical it is for the experts to place the hair within a small region without any deficiency or excess of hair to provide the best natural-looking results. The hair has to be placed at a consistent distance from one another, making it challenging for the professional. The new cosmetic method has gained a lot of hype in recent days, as eyebrows play a significant role in growing up the personality and describing emotions. The new process involves no pain and meager investment. It proves to be quite durable over time, unlike any other medical-surgical treatment.

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