Female Breast Reduction

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  • To reduce the discomfort of heavy breasts.
  • Improve posture or back and neck pain.
  • To reduce the anxiety and embarrassment of heavy, big breasts.

Treatment Options

Up to this point, the primary way for breast reduction available was a surgery called Mammoplasty (breast reduction). This procedure includes removing an area of the bosom, repositioning the areola, and raising the complete sensitivity. A mammoplasty includes experiencing significant medical procedures that could take a few hours and hospitalization for a few days. There is broad recovery, acute distress including wounding and torment, general scarring, and disease danger. The end of the areola sensation can appear because of breast nourishing and migration. Breast nourishing is typically unrealistic after a breast reduction, so it wasn’t possible in a more young age group who hasn’t completed the family.

Tumescent Liposuction is currently a demonstrated method for reducing breast size. Tumescent Liposuction securely decreases bosom area a couple of cup sizes (contingent upon fat substance) with no unmistakable scarring. Tiny and slim smaller scale cannulas are utilized for minor injury and smoother results. It is a daycare technique that has a faster healing period than the more common Mammoplasty.

Breast Reduction Procedure

  • Small cuts (about 0.5mm) will be made in the crease of the breast base.
  • Tumescent solution is instilled into the breasts at that time, carefully absorbed out with the fat through an especially fine cannula.
  • Breast liposuction can reduce breast size by 1/3 to 1/2 of the existing size. The more stable patients, as a rule, have more considerable measures of fat. In this manner, they have a more extraordinary level of size decrease. The extent of fat discharged shifts from around 200mls-1200mls of fat per breast.
  • Bigger breasts usually have a fat pad, which moves under the arm; this can be besides be drained together. The rise of the breast happens because of the weight and size of the breast being diminished. The standard areola height following breast liposuction was 3.8cm with a limit of 8cm. Those who have enormous areola complex can be extracted simultaneously to give a better corrective appearance and a more young look.
  • The whole methodology needs roughly 1.5 to 2 hours, relying upon breast size.

Recovery Process

Q: What will breast lift do?

Fundamentally, a burden article of clothing is used for 3 – 6 Months. Delicacy, swelling, and wounding around the breasts are common and typically fade inside about 14-15 days. It is common for the bloated liquid and a light recoloring of blood to leak from the gaps for the first 24 – 48 hours following the methodology. These minor scratches recuperate rapidly and are invisible after some time.

Female Breast Reduction FAQs

Q: Will there be any scarring?

Scarring is not notable with breast liposuction due to the small cuts made. These minor nicks heal quickly with an undetectable scar that continues to fade over some time.

Q: What is the recovery time after a mammoplasty or breast reduction in females?

Most patients are back at work in a few days or one week of the procedure because of the less traumatic nature of the process than significant surgery included in a mammoplasty.


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