Female Hair Transplant

A female hair transplant is a possible procedure that helps in returning the lost hair on the scalp. The improvements in medical science and the appearance of technically developed medical equipment have made it possible. AWISH Clinic is equipped with all the essentialities that are required for getting the best hair transplantation result. We offer the best female hair transplant in India and overcome the women’s hair loss problem to help them get back their lost self-confidence.

A female hair transplant is a minor out-patient surgery that may need 4 to 12 hours, depending on the grafts’ estimate to be transplanted. AWISH Clinic has well-qualified and experienced hair experts who ensure that you get the most suitable treatment. The complete procedure is almost painless and does not drive to any visible scarring. Local anesthesia is given before the start of the surgery. There are no dietary limitations, and usually, the patients get back to the daily routine after the surgery.


No visible scarring, natural-looking hair, and permanence are the advantages of hair transplantation at AWISH Clinic. With the best team of doctors, the AWISH clinic ensures achieving the best results. If you think about the women’s hair transplantation cost in Delhi, it is the most affordable at AWISH Clinic.

Methods for Female Hair Transplantation Surgery

There are several methods to fight female hair loss. The techniques used by the hair surgeons at AWISH Clinic that offer the most fruitful results are FUE, Bio FUE, and the patented BEST FUE technique. These are the most popularly used techniques that assure hair restoration and getting a whole hairy scalp.

  • It is a hair transplantation method in which follicular units are plucked from the scalp and given to the bald areas. It is one of the very effective hair transplant methods for women’s hair loss.


  • Bio stimulated FUE technique involves using growth factors and grafting of follicular units to ensure better results and faster recovery. It gives natural-looking hair that enhances the personality read more.


Bio-Enhanced Simultaneous Transplant is a patented technique of AWISH Clinic. The energy in liposomal ATP is used with simultaneous implantation of follicles. This supplementation improves the durability of follicular units and thereby lesser hair fall and better results.

No matter the hair loss, these techniques are the sure-shot ways of getting back the lost hairs. AWISH Clinic also offers female hair transplants in burn scars, trauma, injuries, accident, and other incidents that may lead to hair loss by utilizing these effective female hair transplantation techniques.

Why you should choose AWISH Clinic

AWISH Clinic is one of India’s biggest hair transplant centers that offer the most potential and best hair restoration techniques. With a team of well-qualified, proficient, and experienced dermatologists, AWISH Clinic has successfully handled many female pattern hair loss cases. The completion rates and achievements are high, making it one of India’s most reliable and trusted clinics.

Moreover, the hair surgeons of AWISH Clinic developed BEST FUE, which is one of the most effective hair transplantation methods. Now, with its help, they are providing fuller scalps to patients with higher success rates. It is the reason why AWISH Clinic is listed in the top 5 clinics in India.

Apart from these, the women’s hair transplant cost in Delhi NCR is most affordable at AWISH Clinic. All the procedures are fruitful and have the lowest and very cost-effective price. So, you don’t have to worry about paying a fortune for your hair transplantation.

So, if hair fall, hair thinning, or baldness is troubling you, consult dermatologists at AWISH Clinic in South Delhi and get the best treatment.

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