Hair loss in Men

Losing hair is a common thing nowadays. There was a time when men began to experience hair loss by the age of 50, but nowadays, guys are creeping towards baldness as early as their 20s. This condition is termed Early Baldness. It has been found that a person in this grade can become bald in just 2 to 4 years. The hair loss can be gradual, progressive, and unnoticeable, but mostly it is sudden and severe.

Every second guy is suffering from mild to extreme hair loss in the present day. The hair loss makes a man appear older than his actual age by shifting the face’s balance to the forehead. It concerns the person’s feeling of attractiveness and self-esteem.

Though some men flaunt their bald heads, others may feel embarrassing. In some conditions, men take hair loss badly and get highly distressed about it, up to the extent of going into distress. Also, some people start wearing wigs, which makes their situation even more harmful. Wigs make them self-conscious as well as cause irritability. Wigs even improve hair loss. Hence, it is needed to consult with the best dermatologist and find hair loss causes and the best hair loss treatment for you!

What are the Causes of Hair Loss in Men?

Besides age, there are some of the causes of hair loss in men:


Alopecia Areata

Alopecia Areata is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system harms the healthy hair follicles, resulting in hair loss.

Male Pattern Baldness

If you are experiencing hair loss problems in an ‘M-shaped’ or ‘U-shaped’ pattern, it is similar to male pattern baldness. In some cases, the hair loss starts from the top side. It is either hereditary, hormonal, or both. It is also called Androgenetic Alopecia.



 In this situation, a person feels the urge to pull out hair from his scalp, eyebrow, and other body areas.


Various scalp diseases like ringworm also affect hair loss. That is usually observed in children. Low diet, excessive weight loss, and an unhealthy lifestyle are also the reasons behind hair loss.



Excessive physical or emotional stress can also harm hair density. This shape is known as Telogen Effluvium.


A man can experience progressive or climactic hair loss during Chemotherapy, though temporary. The hair regrows in a few months! Many other medicines are also responsible for the loss of hair.


Serious & prolonged hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can also appear in hair loss in males. The loss is diffuse and includes the entire scalp rather than particular regions. Besides here, various other diseases arouse hair loss.

Best Treatments for Hair Loss in men

If the hair loss is temporary or because of any disease, Hair loss can cure it by treating it. But, for other situations, it is needed to get a hair rejuvenation treatment. Some of the useful remedies for hair loss/ baldness in men given by AWISH Clinic are:


Two FDA- certified hair fall medicines are Minoxidil and 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. Minoxidil is rubbed on the scalp and applied by both men & women. 5-alpha reductase inhibitors is used in pill form and prescribed for men only.

P. R. P. ( Liquid gold) treatment

During P. R. P therapy, the plasma content is received from your blood, centrifuged, and injected into the bald scalp to increase hair regrowth.

Hair Transplant

In this procedure, the hair is plucked out from a body region and transplanted to the bald area. This way, you can stop hair loss permanently. Although there are two hair transplantation techniques, i.e., FUT and FUE, we use FUE only! That is so because the FUE method does not leave a permanent scar behind.

Scalp Micropigmentation

This process is used when you don’t want any hair transplant procedure. In this method, natural pigments are used at the top of your scalp to look and feel real hair follicles.


LLLT (Low- Level- Laser Therapy)

Low-Level Laser Light involves laser light to increase the scalp’s blood flow and increase hair growth.


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