Mole Removal

Be comfortable, and do not worry about your mole removal as you are under specialist concern for the procedure. Moles are just a natural creation, and everyone has some moles on the body. Usually, people have 10-30 moles on their skin, and it’s pretty normal.

They are a small clump of pigmentation, and they will grow with you as you get older. Some rest to lighten in appearance, and some start increasing in size and attain dark color. Most of them are harmless, but if they continue to grow and start bleeding and cause irritation, they must visit a dermatologist for a consultation.

Moles are perceived to beauty mark for some people when it is positioned in the right place. But for others, it gives an aesthetically poor appearance and, most of the time starts bleeding while performing shaving or waxing and causes irritation when rubbed with clothes as of wrong localization. Hence, if rather than a beauty mark, it becomes a curse and produces complication, it is better to get done with mole removal.

Google provides you several home remedies to execute mole removal procedures, but do not use any home-based treatment as they result out in infection and more severe skin complications. Hence, prefer cosmetic procedure over other for mole removal for effective and safe removal.

Visit the AWISH clinic if the mole is causing low self-confidence. You are anxious about mole type; Dr. Vijay kumar will remove it by the minimal procedure under the local anesthesia process. A mole located on any part of the body can be removed by using a cosmetic procedure. Normally, it is done by laser treatment or minimal excision process, depending upon the mole size and position.

If your mole is tiny in size, it can be removed easily by laser, a technique that uses light energy to break the mole’s pigmentation. And if the mole is large and required excision, then the excision removal procedure needs to be followed. For more and specific information, consult us at our clinic.

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