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Vitiligo Treatments

At AWISH Clinic, we have individualized management of vitiligo which is dependent on vitiligo parameters like type of vitiligo, the present stage of vitiligo, the extent of vitiligo, and patient’s parameters like age, lifestyle, stress levels, psychosocial aspects, familial and personal responsibilities, and commitments also give importance in this approach.

1. Investigation

It is the first step. Vitiligo Panel of Tests is done to identify the blood’s underlying parameters, which contribute to the induction and progression of vitiligo. Based on this, we follow a target-based treatment approach.

2. Understanding the Vitiligo-

Patients are educated about the possible cause of their condition.

At our Centre, we advise patients to change a phenotype (appearance of white patches due to hereditary flaws +inducing factors) to a genotype (no white patch due to the targeted management of inducing factors, but you will have the congenital disability, which will be dormant).


Since there is no specific way to eliminate genotype, especially in vitiligo, one needs to maintain it as a genotype without manifesting into phenotype.

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