Supportive Treatment

Vitiligo Treatments

It is essential, along with other treatment measures. We focus on vitiligo management and supportive treatment for vitiligo so that patients’ and family’s confidence increases. They have a positive approach. They are involved in their vitiligo fight with realistic expectations and face society without any depression.

We support short camouflage choices so that patients can cover the patches and face the community. Still, there are concerns with this decision, one can not expect a perfect color match, and this option is not economical for the long term.

We provide counselling before the consultation and even after the consultation. It will help patients and family’s understand vitiligo, treatment approach, what to expect, the value of their information and involvement about aspects like lifestyle modifications, diet, skincare, stress management will increase the positive outcomes. We try to find any sign of depression in the inpatient and talk to patients to make them positive and fight their vitiligo with confidence.

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